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Hero factory 4.0

Posted in Fanon, manga, mocs on March 28, 2011 by Kwame

The blue one is drey boost, the red one is kondio flame, the yellow one is EPIO burst.


legend of fire chapter1

Posted in Fanon on January 17, 2010 by Kwame

Here’s my first fanon story.

   It all started long before  mata nui came to bara magna. Ackar

was still in training. The glatorian trainer was Flairex. Ackar trained along side his friend Korax. And excelled at every class he took. But then toa Jovan came to bara magna to find Korax for makuta. Because makuta reanimated him. Makuta seeked Korax because he sensed great evil in him. Toa Jovan enrolled in the glatorion training school so he could study Korax and see if he was right for makuta’s plans. Korax, Jovan, and Ackar soon became the best students in the academy. Then it came down to the moment of truth. Flairex orderd for the three to fight. Jovan decided not to fight. so it was mono e mono Korax vs. Ackar. They battled it out. finnaly Ackar bested Korax and became a true glatorion. Korax was filled with rage. So one day while Ackar was occupied and Jovan was studying, Korax stormed into Flairex’s room and killed him by cutting off his head. Ackar walked into the room and saw Korax standing over Flairex’s headless body. Ackar attacked Korax nearly killing him but, Jovan ran in grabbed Korax and they both vanished. Ackar called a few agori clinics and then left to find the new glatorian trainer. Rannu


Posted in bionicle news, Fanon on January 8, 2010 by Kwame

Now this blog will also be a home to fanon info.

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