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by lewa the chicken nugettets



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jaller as a matoran

Jaller’s story

begins when he
was a matoran.
At the end of the
borhok crisis Jala’s
name was changed
to Jaller. Jaller
later went with
Takua to do some
sightseeing. When
they saw a kanohi mask floating in the lava!
During one of Jaller’s kohlii games the kanohi
mask was reveald to be the kanohi avohkii, great
mask of light. Jaller and Takua were sent on a
mission to find the toa of light. Meanwhile,
Makuta Teridax unleashed six rahkshi to stop
them.See full size imageSadly, Jaller was killed by
one of the rahkshi. Then Takua relized he was the
toa of light and put on the kanohi avohkii.
See full size imageTakanuva then went into a fierce battle
with makuta and won. But he was fused with
makuta during the battle. After opening the
door to Metru Nui he used his life force to revive
Jaller. That killed Takanuva. All that was left was
the avohkii. Turaga vakama

  brought Hahli

(the new chronicler.), Jaller and the kanohi

avohkii. To the three virtues symbol. Hahli on

unity, Jaller on duty, and the avohkii on destiny.

Takanuva was revived. Later the turaga decided it was time to go back to their  home island Metru Nui

See full size imagethey told tales of that city. Jaller

attended these tales. After Jaller and the other

matoran arrived at the island. The toa nuva

found out that Mata Nui was dying. They went

to an island called voya nui to find the mysterious kanohi ignika

and were captured by the piraka.See full size image

Jaller and the matoran Hahli, Kongu, Hewiiki,

Nuparu, and Matoro. Set out to find the toa nuva.

  On their journey they were struck by lightning

from the red star. They became toa inika.

This picture is Jaller

as a toa inika. Jaller then led the toa inika to

the chamber of the kanohi ignika. (the toa nuva

left to prepare the world for mata nui’s healing)

They fought many guards and won! They

repeatedly fought the piraka. They were so close

to getting the mask when it flew into the nearby

nearby waters! Hahli went after it. But got

decompression sickness. She was helped by

some unknown matoran who gave the toa inika a

clue. Save the sunken city. The toa inika were

going under water. When they went under water

a energy pulse from the kanohi ignika

transformed them into toa marhi under water

breathing  versions of them

selves. The picture above shows Jaller in his

marhi form. They fought many battles against

the fourious barraraki. Jaller’s final recorded

battle ended when Matoro sacraficed himself

to save Jaller,the toa mahri, and Mata Nui.

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the small gresh is the 2010 version

Gresh is a glatorion from the village of tesara.

He is rather young and tends to use the same
strategy repeatedly. Recently gresh was given
the elemental power of air by mata nui. He is now a true toa.

Bionicle:The Legend Reborn

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Tahu mistika

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Tahu in his adaptive armor

this adaptive armor allows tahu to fly.

In this armor tahu is a mistika. The matoran

word for spirits of the mist.


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this is the 2010 version of tahu a remake of the original

Tahu is a toa of fire. He is a toa mata/nuva.

Recanntly tahu was given adaptive armor so he

can fly through the swamp of secrets. Tahu wears

the Kanohi Hau  great mask of sheilding.


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